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Federal Pacific Panels – We recommend that they be replaced, we do not implore you to change it, or tell you your house will burn down if it’s not changed.  Most of the time when an FPE breaker doesn’t trip and the point of ignition burns “clear”, it does not necessarily ignite an entire structure.   It is estimated that in a typical FPE panel, 40-60% of the breakers will trip as intended,  further increasing the odds that you won’t have a problem.  If in reality only 10% of the breakers in your panel won’t trip when a short occurs, then if you never have a short condition on the breakers that are faulty, then you can say you never had a problem with your FPE panel, and rest easy.  The good thing about FPE is that even when they don’t trip the fire and damage are contained in the outlet box most of the time.